Yantian Disruption: Worse Than Suez Canal Crisis

Approximately 25,500 TEU of cargo is being affected every day, from the past 16 days, ever since the sudden COVID-19 outbreak was detected in the city surrounding Shenzen’s Yantian port, in Southern China.

On march, 20,388 TEU Even Given, ran aground in the Suez Canal, and was stuck for six days. This had impacted a daily flow of approximately 55,000 TEU. However, the Suez Canal crisis lasted for six days.

Yantian Disruption: Worse Than Suez Canal Crisis
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The ongoing disruption at the Yantian Port has already affected approximately 432,000 TEU till date. Which is severely disrupting the global supply chain.

It all happened, with the discovery of asymptomatic COVID-19 cases in the city surrounding the Yantian Port, in Shenzen. On May 21st, 2021, the Chinese government imposed stringent disinfection and quarantine measures in the port, after the virus was detected among the port workers. Since then, the port is operating with a limited operating efficiency of 30%.

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The pile of backlogged cargo at the port is increasing with each passing day. Major shipping companies like Maersk, MSC, COSCO, Hapag-Lloyd and others, have issued warning notices to their customers, which conveys that their shipments would be reaching late than expected, due to the Yantian Port congestion.

Around 30-40 containerships can be found anchored in the open waters, outside the port, waiting to unload their respective cargoes. The Chinese authorities are now suggesting the shipping companies to re-route their vessels to the other nearby South China ports, like Nansha, Shekou and Hong Kong.

The Port of Yantian is a very important Chinese port, which handles more than one-third of Guangdong’s foreign trade, and around one-fourth of China’s trade with the United States!

The ongoing disruption at the port is expected to last for another 10-14 days, says the experts.

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