X-Press Pearl – Vital eMails Deleted By Local Agent

A Sri Lankan court, on Monday, 7th June, 2021 was informed, that vital emails, related to the sinking of X-Press Pearl were deleted by its local agents.

The on-board acid leak, of the Singapore flagged vessel was first reported to its local representative, Sea Consortium Lanka, who failed in alerting the local authorities, the state prosecutor told the court.

X-Press Pearl - Vitals eMails Deleted By Local Agent
Image Via: Sri Lankan Authorities

The prosecutor also revealed the investigators have found, that the deleted emails were exchanged with Russian skipper, Tyutkalo Vitaly.

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Chalani Perera, the magistrate, has asked a local agent, to fetch the deleted emails, from servers located abroad and has ordered the navy to protect the wreckage of X-Press Pearl, which is currently lying submerged outside the port of Colombo.

Recently, the Sri Lankan navy has successfully recovered the ship’s VDR (Voyage Data Recorder). Popularly known as the maritime “black box”. This would help the investigators to uncover the instructions and review procedures ahead of the shipping disaster. The VDR is expected to provide details of the ship’s movements and communications with the Colombo harbor.

On Friday, 4th June, 2021, Sri Lankan environmentalists sued the government and the ship’s operators, for failing to prevent, what is rightly termed as ‘The Country’s Worst Environmental Disaster’.

Reference: news18.com

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