OOCL Durban Took Out 2 Cranes At Taiwan, 2 Rescued

Taiwan: A 316-meter-long containership, The OOCL Durban took out two cranes at the Port of Kaohsiung.

OOCL Durban Took Out 2 Cranes At Taiwan, 2 Rescued

The port reported that the OOCL Durban was being moved from another area of the port when it scraped another docked ship, pushing it into a ship-to-shore crane which subsequently collapsed.

 The 8,500 TEU OOCL Durban wasn’t carrying any cargo at the time.

2 workers were trapped inside the wreckage and were later rescued without injury. Another suffered an injury in the arm.

According to the statement by port after getting translated “The ship was booked to berth at Pier 66 of Kaohsiung Port, but when the ship skilled Pier 70, it collided with the bow of the “Yong Hung Ship (Gross Tonnage 32,720)” anchored at Pier 70 slightly damaged, and one among the overhead crane One GC8 bridge crane. After the collapse of the GC8 bridge crane, the adjacent GC6 crane was seriously damaged. a complete of 1 collapsed, 1 severely damaged but not collapsed and 30-50 containers were damaged, and 1 GC8 bridge crane was caused.”

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