Britain To Promote Maritime Trade By Building A ‘National Flagship’

Britain is to create a replacement flagship to market its business and trade interests round the world, the government said on Saturday, during a move it said would also boost the ailing industry.

Britain said the ship, once built, would host high level trade negotiations and trade shows, and therefore the cost of the project would be confirmed once manufacturing contracts were tendered.

Image Via- Downing Street

The government said it might be the primary national flagship since HMY (Her Majesty’s Yacht) Britannia was decommissioned in 1997.

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A flagship to market global trade has long been advocated by proponents of Brexit, who highlight the chances for brand spanking new trade agreements now Britain has left the European Union.

Critics, however, point to disruption to trade with the EU, Britain’s biggest export market, following the country’s departure from the EU’s orbit at the beginning of the year. There has also been an impression on intra-UK trade from Great Britain to Northern Ireland.

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