World’s First Fully Autonomous Vessel To Set Sail For Unmanned Voyage

The IBM-powered Mayflower Autonomous Ship (MAS) is all set to sail across the Atlantic, in a historic unmanned voyage

IBM Mayflower ProMare World's First Fully Autonomous Vessel
Image Via: IBM

The autonomous ship has been developed jointly, by IBM and ProMare. The vessel is getting ready to set sail across the Atlantic ocean in June, 2021. It is a solar powered, artificially intelligent vessel.

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The Mayflower Autonomous Ship (MAS) is basically a marine research vessel, which would be sailing to collect environmental data.

The vessel has underwent numerous sea trials and various research missions to prepare it for the big journey from Plymouth, England, to Massachusetts United States. MAS will work with scientists and other autonomous vessels to collect information on issues like plastic pollution, global warming and marine mammal conservation.

To have the chances of success increased, the team is looking into the best departure window. Weather is proving to be a huge factor in determining the time to set sail, and the team is consulting with meteorologists from IBM’s Weather Company regularly. The current conditions in the planned route is quite stormy, thus the team has tentatively chose June, as the month to set sail.

The voyage would take around three weeks to complete.

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