Wind Powered Vessels Are Back!

© Oceanbird

You’ve heard that right!

Swedish Shipping Company, Wallenius Marine has teamed up with Stockholm’s Royal Institute of Technology, maritime consultancy SSPA, and the Swedish Transportation Administration. To design a concept cargo vessel, named Oceanbird.

© Oceanbird

This giant vessel would be powered by 262-foot wings. These ‘wings’ are made up of metal and composite. According to Wallenius, these are the twice the height of sails, used in some of the biggest sailing ships these days!

© Oceanbird

The 656×131-feet ship, has a capacity of carrying 7,000 cars at one go. What’s more? According to Wallenius, this would make the Oceanbird the largest sailing vessel, once completed.

© Oceanbird

According to Wallenius, the Oceanbird would cut down 90% of emissions, as compared to other cargo ships.

Wallenius expects to make the Oceanbird ready to order by the end of 2021, while the first vessel would be delivered by the end of 2024.

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