Watch: Dramatic Helicopter Rescue of 16 Seafarers

On Thursday, 17th June, 2021, The Indian Coast Guard was called on, to perform a rescue operation amid a heavy weather in the Indian subcontinent.

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Watch: Dramatic Helicopter Rescue of 16 Seafarers
Image Via: ICG

The rescue operation was performed on Mangalam, a 2,800 DWT freighter. The vessel had grounded in the south of Mumbai, owing to strong thunderstorms and heavy rain.

The ICG received a call from the First Mate of the vessel, who reported that the vessel was taking on water in the heavy surf, and the crew of 16 are panicked. The Captain was preparing to abandon the vessel.

The Indian Coast Guard then instructed the crew to stay aboard, and immediately deployed a Coast Guard vessel, along with two helicopters. All 16 of the crew members onboard the ship were rescued, and the ICG tweeted a video of the operation:

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