Vaccination For Seafarers: Efforts Accelerating

Global maritime unions are calling for the need of immediate vaccination for seafarers. Most nations are responding positively to these calls, thus making vaccination available to the crews of all ships. Irrespective of the countries from where they belong to.

Image Via: Singapore Maritime Officers’ Union

Vaccines have reached a wide availability in countries like the United States. Health organizations and port authorities are working with the maritime organizations including the International Transport Workers’ Federation to vaccinate the crews while their ships are in ports.

Most of the major shipping companies are extensively participating in the process of vaccination of their crew. Recently, it was reported that crew from Maersk Vessels have been vaccinated in the United States. The cruise industry too, is working round the corner, to vaccinate the crews. Port Canaveral, Port Miami, and the Port of Galveston were one of the first ports to participate in the vaccination programs for the cruise ship crew.

V.Group too, recently announced the rolling out of a mega vaccination drive, to inoculate all its crew members around the world.

A Crew Member of V. Ships Gets Vaccinated

Countries like Australia, United Kingdom and more, have also stepped up their vaccination drives. While working hand in hand with international maritime unions, like ITF.

Countries which are currently amidst a deadly COVID-19 second wave, like India, too, are trying their level best, to vaccinate key workers like seafarers.

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Lets hope the world gets over this situation soon, and every individual around the world gets vaccinated.

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