U.K. Plans To Build Its Biggest Ever Battery To Manage Offshore Wind Surge

Sembcorp Industries Ltd. is aiming to build the United Kingdom’s biggest ever battery on the northeast coast of England since the country is striving for a more reliable stream of electricity from its growing fleet of wind farms.

U.K Plans To Build Its Biggest Ever Battery To Manage Offshore Wind Surge
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The company said in one of the statements on Tuesday that this 360-megawatt project will be set up in Teesside, on land which has already been acquired by the Singapore-based company. The U.K. has a major cluster of offshore wind farms nearby.

Britain is installing a large-scale battery to secure steady supplies regardless of the weather. Record energy prices in recent months were the result of lack of wind to power the country’s huge fleet of turbines. 

The first phase of the Teesside battery is expected to be finished by 2023, according to a Sembcorp spokeswoman, further adding that the investment required would be in the ‘hundreds of millions’ of pounds.

“Flexible energy sources play an increasingly important role in maintaining secure and reliable energy supplies,” stated Andy Koss, Sembcorp’s chief executive officer for the U.K. and Middle East, in one of the statements. With a rising dependence on renewables, the U.K. energy system must be “able to respond quickly to changes.”

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The new storage site will be outperforming the largest current planned battery — a 100-megawatt facility by Zenobe Energy Ltd, as per the expectation.

Sembcorp declared that its total U.K. battery pipeline is now nearly half a gigawatt. It handles 70 megawatts already and has a further 50 megawatts due to come online in early 2022.

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