Trafigura and Hy2gen To Study Green Ammonia As Marine Fuel

Switzerland based commodity trader, Trafigura, and German green hydrogen production company, Hy2gen, will be jointly studying the use of green ammonia, as a viable marine fuel, as the shipping transitions to low and zero carbon alternatives, to be used as ship fuels.

Trafigura and Hy2gen To Study Green Ammonia As Marine Fuel

The study is primarily aimed at quantifying the needs of the shipping industry for effective low carbon maritime fuels. It would be considering the necessary aspects, for enabling large-scale commercial adoption of green ammonia as a marine fuel. The required quantities of green ammonia, transport and storage capacities required would also be researched upon by the two entities.

The study aims to quantify the infrastructural requirements, to enable an efficient supply chain, which can deliver sufficient quantities of cent-percent renewable and carbon free green ammonia to the shipping market, which demands huge commitments in production, infrastructure and shipping upgrades.

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Based in Wiesbaden, Hy2gen AG, which is based in Wiesbaden, Germany has a team of specialists with an experience in developing, building and operating plants for the production of green hydrogen and hydrogen-based e-fuels. This would offer better ways to achieve CO2 free or CO2 neutral fuels and storage solutions. France, Canada Germany and Norway are the countries, where the first plants would be built.

Trafigura has been an investor in Hy2gen since the last two years (from 2019). As they recognized the potential of Hy2gen, for the industrial production of green hydrogen in it’s early days, said Trafigura.

Head of Power and Renewables for Trafigura, Julien Rolland, said, “We very much recognize their capacity to quickly execute projects of scale that can fast track the transition for the shipping industry to run on clean fuels”.

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