Tianjin Port Exceeded 2 Million TEU Container Volume In May

The Port of Tianjin, China set a new monthly record in May, 2021, after handling over two-million TEU of container volume.

Tianjin Port Exceeded 2 Million TEU Container Volume In May
Image Via: China Daily

The world’s ninth busiest port benefitted immensely from it’s cooperation with other major Chinese ports. The port have been in an extensive bid to improve it’s container logistics chain, ever since the world woke up from the COVID-19 pandemic last year. The Tianjin Port handled approximately 18.5 million TEUs in 2020, up by 6.1% from 2019, despite the pandemic-induced impacts.

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The Port of Tianjin has always been a forerunner in implementing the newest technological advancements. Currently, the port is actively promoting the use of 5G technology, and automation in the cargo handling operations of the port. This too, has contributed to improving the efficiency and the capacity of the port.

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The mind boggling volume of two-million TEU of handled cargo in May, registered an increase of 20% in the yea-on-year growth rate of the port.

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