The World’s Largest LNG Powered Container Ship: The CMA CGM Jacques Saade

CMA CGM, one of the world leaders in shipping logistics, recently unveiled their flagship vessel, The Jacques Saade.

Image Credits: CMA CGM

What makes the vessel so special, is it’s capacity of carrying 23,000 containers (or equivalent units) at one go!

LNG powered vessels work to preserve the air quality. Thus reducing global warming. The CMA CGM Jacques Saade is one of such vessels, designed with the environment in mind!

Image Credits: CMA CGM

The giant vessel is named after the founder of CMA CGM, Jacques Saadé. Who was a visionary entrepreneur.

Image Credits: CMA CGM

The vessel officially departed off the Singapore port, on 12th October, 2020. Carrying approximately 20,723 full containers, thereby setting a world record for the most number of containers, loaded in a single vessel!

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