Shipping Corporation of India (SCI) tops chart in most women recruited in ships!

Shipping corporation of India has made India proud as it has topped the list among  Indian Shipping Companies in terms of recruiting women for main responsibilities in ships .Now, Shipping Corporation of India has a workforce of 20% women promoting gender equality and encouraging women participation in the merchant navy industry .

Shipping Corporation of India

  Shipping Corporation of India’s managing director and Chairperson H. K .Joshi being a proud woman has a team of 646 employees with 135 women. The company has a policy of promotion of equality where everyone gets equal employment opportunity without any type of discrimination in the workplace.

SCI is very actively involved in activities of Forum of Women in Public sector (WIPS) who has praised SCI’s work by awarding them “Best Enterprise for Contribution towards Women Upliftment Prize” with the Navratna Category as per the reports

“SCI has been a role model when it comes to recruiting women on board ,as of now they have 5 chief officers , 2 masters , 2 second engineers , 30 second and third officers 13 trainee in nautical officers 7  electrical engineering trainee  and 2 nurses  as women in their corporation” as per the reports published by Navratna public enterprise.

SCI has made most sincere efforts in bridging the gap between male and female workforce in their corporation as they have introduced and provided gender sensitization for every seafarers going onboard with a special lecture on gender sensitization by H.K. Joshi during sailing orientation showcasing the gender gap in this sector. 

The company has been very proactive in spreading diversity and respects women sailors and gives them proper training at very low rates than other institutes at maritime training institutes and also ensures proper work ethics on how to deal with women onboard as per the reports. They also give counseling to female sailors with respect to any abuse or harassment before their sail before joining the ships.

Due to these sincere efforts SCI has received awards from various maritime corporations and bodies including the prestigious award of “employing the highest number of women sailors on maritime ships” by the National Union of Seafarers of India.

Their chairperson H.K. Joshi  joined SCI as Director(Finance) of the Shipping Corporation of India ltd. on 5th February, 2015 before  assuming charge of the office of Director(Finance) in SCI, Mrs. Joshi was General Manager(F&A) in Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd., 

Radhika Menon: India’s first female Merchant Navy Captain!

She has been conferred with the Best Woman Employee award (Executive Category) by the Forum of Women in Public Sector under the aegis of SCOPE. She was conferred with the Woman of Substance award at the Sailor Today Sea Shore awards 2019 ceremony.

SCI started out with only 19 ships but it gradually metamorphosed into a giant corporation having 80 ships with interests in different segments of the shipping trade. It is the only Indian corporation which deals with shipping of liquefied petroleum gas very important fuel in India used in various industries within the country.

The Shipping Corporation of India over so many years has retained first position when it comes to growth and equality and has made this country proud.

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