PowerCell Unveils Industrialized Fuel Cell Module For The Maritime Industry

Fuel cell maker PowerCell, based on Sweden, has presented an industrialized high-power fuel cell module, developed for the electrification of maritime applications.

PowerCell's Industrialized Fuel Cell Module For The Maritime Industry
Image Via: greencarcongress.com

The module is reportedly built upon several fuel cell systems which has been integrated into a single unit. Each module has a power of 200 kW but can be easily connected in parallel to achieve power in the mW (Mega Watt) range.

The maritime industry is currently facing a mass transition from previous generation components and fuel systems, to the newer generation energy efficient and sustainable alternatives of the same. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has recently passed a resolution of cutting emissions from marine vessels by 50% within the year 2050, of which, the IMO has also made a free course available. Every other marine based company is now in the race to attain and develop sustainable solutions for the mass adoption.

The module has been successfully developed in collaboration with PowerCell’s clients and maritime classification societies. It is fully classifiable in accordance with IMO’s marine standards and requirements. The PowerCell S3 fuel cell stack is the main component of the module. It combines high power with a compact format.

According to the company, the module is developed to facilitate the transition to more stringent emissions regulations.

PowerCell Unveils Industrialized Fuel Cell Module For The Maritime Industry
Image Via: Kees Torn on Flickr under CC BY-SA 2.0 license.

Fuel cells powered by hydrogen produced from renewable energy sources, called green hydrogen, does not produce any emissions other than pure water. Thus offering a fully sustainable electrification for marine power units. For propulsion, as well as the generation of power for onboard uses.

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