Port of Oakland To Get $5.2 Million For Electrical Power Upgrades

The Port of Oakland will be funded $5.2 million from the United States’ federal government Maritime Administration (MARAD) committed to electrical power upgrades.

Port of Oakland To Get $5.2 Million For Electrical Power Upgrades
Representational Image | Courtesy: Port of Oakland

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This grant is aimed to support the U.S. port’s clean energy efforts, along with its vision of eliminating emissions from maritime operations, with the following measures:

  • Construction of a fuel cell site and setting up of solar panel with battery storage
  • Replacement of an electrical substation
  • Connecting the substation to a biomass generator

“We’ve got an ambitious clean air goal,” stated Port of Oakland executive director, Danny Wan, who further mentioned, “This grant from the Maritime Administration is an important moment in helping us take another step toward our goal of zero emissions from maritime operations.”

The grant was made through MARAD’s Port Infrastructure Development Program (PIDP) and the Port of Oakland noted that it would request the state of California for funding, while “additional funding is necessary to advance its clean energy aspirations.”

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The Californian port has made various actions towards the handling of sustainable cargo. It has set up a shore power system that plugs ships into the electrical grid at berth.

Furthermore, over 15 battery-powered big rigs are presently in operation in the seaport, ferrying cargo containers, while 13 massive cargo handling cranes have been modified to hybrid engines.

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