Myths About Merchant Navy: 5 Myths About Merchant Navy, Busted!

The Merchant Navy is a global industry that offers some of the best career prospects for various ship .Many people around the world are either unaware of this unique industry or have several misconceptions about the same thing. Here are the top five of the most popular myths associated with the Merchant Navy!

1. Merchant Mariners have to fight wars

People often confuse Merchant Navy with Defense Navy. People often confuse merchant navy with defense navy. The Merchant Marine is a commercial operation which is responsible for the worldwide transfer of goods and cargo. The Merchant Navy has no involvement in military. service. On a regular operational basis,  however, it has nothing to do with the navy or the country’s armed forces in general. The merchant navy is merely a commercial operation in which the worldwide movement of goods and cargo takes place. If you love to face difficulties, of course not compared to Defence, but still of adequate quantity, join the Merchant Navy. The preparation on the ship makes you a different person for sure.

2. Seafarers Are Uneducated

Many people think that seafarers are Uneducated. But the truth is today,  Seafarers are required to hold specialist maritime certification to work at sea and Merchant navy studies have become very serious. All that have been through 3 years of Nautical Science (B.Sc) or 4 years of Marine Engineering (B.Tech) will definitely know the struggles they have to go through! Also, Seafarers need to clear examinations, for each step, in their promotional cycle (MEO Exams for the Engine side, and Mate Exams for the Deck side). So, it is a very mistaken idea to believe that sailors are utter buffoons with no understanding of their craft. As with most occupations, for this job too, the right credentials are required. It is also necessary to have the right skillset for this line of work due to the technical nature of the work on board ship. For the respective work on board, particular streams require a very oriented skill set to be practically implemented.Different nations have their own rules and academies for merchant navies, so it is important to enrol in the appropriate institute as needed by the merchant marine laws of the nation to acquire the necessary qualifications.

3. Seafarers Earn Loads of Money

Well, not all of them. You need to be in the top two ranks to be earning good money. At maritime academies, each of us has seen ads that exaggerate the amount of money you receive sea-to-sea. It is correct that the initial pay is far better than some jobs, but the gap closes up as time goes by. To earn the highest salary, you need to clear all your examinations, and reach the highest ranks (Chief Engineer and Captain) which takes around 8-12 years.  It largely depends on the company, and the type of ships you work on. If you think you’re making thousands of dollars when you start shipping, you’re wrong.You won’t have big money in the early years; it will take at least 3-6years to achieve a good pay package, and 8-12 years to achieve top management and attract the highest salary. Before you hit the management ranks of Captain, Chief Engineer, Second Engineer or Chief Officer on board, you don’t get an amazing pay package.

4. Sailing is a permament job 

More specifically, most shipping companies account for about 70 percent of their shipments on a contract basis. In their contracts, there is no stipulation of permanent jobs except for the remaining 30 percent of companies; instead, they are boats on year-round contracts.But is not a permanent job, the job is on fixed-term or year-round contracts.But in your lifetime, you will get to visit 50-60 countries, which is not possible in any of the other careers.

5. Seafarers Live a Glamorous Life

It seems that people without a fair idea of theMerchant Navy think it is a glamorous life. Unfortunately it is not like that. In this profession you have to stay away from your family for a very long time. Actually Seafarers Sacrifice Their Social Life while they carry out their duties at sea. They miss out on a lot of good moments with their families. There are several health issues on board ships which are often neglected by seafarers. Hypertension,Excessive stress, fatigue, loneliness,lack of physical activity are some of them. It is one of the best career options of today’s times. But it is not as glamorous as you think. Your life will be so messed up on some of the days that you will work at night and try to sleep during the day. International rules, however, will guarantee that you get adequate rest during the 24 hour cycle.

In the end, however many inappropriate things seafarers can hear about their career, there is never a decrease in love for the sea and their work!

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