Maersk Emerald Runs Aground On Suez Canal – Refloated

The 366-meter long Maersk Emerald ran aground on Suez Canal, on 28th May, 2021. Triggering flashbacks of the Ever Given’s grounding in the same canal months back, which disrupted the global trade!

Maersk Emerald Runs Aground On Suez Canal - Refloated
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The container ship, which is slightly smaller than the Ever Given, grounded on the northern end of the Suez Canal. The vessel was soon refloated within a few hours, resuming the traffic, and the situation in the canal became normal shortly after.

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During the incident, some of the ships were diverted through a second lane, which was created during an expansion project of the canal in 2015.

The vessel was refloated by four tugs. After which, it was bought to the Great Bitter Lakes, where it was inspected, and the cause of grounding was thoroughly investigated.

After the inspection of the 13,000 TEU vessel, the Suez Canal Authorities (SCA) stated the the ship suffered engine trouble, due to which it grounded. The SCA also confirmed, that there were no disruptions of traffic caused, due to the grounding.

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