Korea To Provide Training To Seafarers and Cadets In Ghana

Ghana has entered into an agreement with the Republic of Korea, where the Asian country would be providing Ghana with a training ship, for providing necessary hands-on skills to Ghanaian seafarers and cadets.

Awudu Enusah, Principal Maritime Administration Officer at Ghana Maritime Authority, who revealed the agreement during the country’s ‘Eye on Port’ programme, said that this collaboration would be of immense help to Ghanaian seafarers and cadets, as, they will now be able to meet modern seamanship demands.

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The Ghana Maritime Authority (GMA) is also considering to introduce a condition, that would oblige vessels operating in the Ghanaian waters, to take up some Ghanaian seafarers for training in areas they are deficient in. “What we want to do is that, as part of the pre-conditions for the issuance of permit to work within our waters, you would have to take on board some of our ratings and officers. So at the end of every year, before renewal, you would have to declare the number of ratings and officers you have trained.” said Mr. Enusah. “We are also ensuring that we renew the rating courses to conform with the Manila convention to ensure that every rating that comes out of our institutions can rock shoulders with any other seafarer from every part of the world.” he added.

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Much work has been done by Ghana, to ensure that the country is on the IMO whitelist (an audit report of nations complying with the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW). The Western African country is also promoting a ‘Cabotage Law’ which plans in making certain maritime operations, a preserve for Ghanaians.

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