Kongsberg Delivers Propulsion Technology to VARD for Norwind’s Newbuilds

The new ship-owning company Norwind Offshore will install Kongsberg equipment on two of its new Commissioning Service Operations Vessels, to be built by VARD.

Kongsberg Delivers Propulsion Technology to VARD for Norwind's Newbuilds

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Kongsberg Maritime’s range of delivery encompasses a combination of systems which will enable the operator to maximize operational windows meanwhile minimizing overall energy consumption.

And at the core of this is the propulsion technology, which for the CSOVs will include new permanent magnet PMAZ 2600PM azimuth thrusters, PM tunnel thrusters and a retractable azimuth thruster. The return of investment is greater propulsion efficiency and maneuverability with reduced operational noise, lower emissions and relatively compact dimensions.

These units are part of an environmentally-focused range of propulsion units developed by Kongsberg over the last decade, all based on the company’s in-house PM technology. With only one rotating component in the underwater unit, low oil volume and no requirement for lubrication pumps or inboard cooling systems, PM thrusters experience reduced wear and tear and consequently deliver substantial savings in lifecycle cost. They also benefit from significant reductions in energy consumption, emissions and oil spill risk when compared with conventional azimuth thrusters, and are designed to meet stringent noise and vibration requirements, both on board the vessel and regarding emissions to sea.

Svein Leon Aure, CEO of Norwind Offshore said, “We are investing in this state-of-the-art technology from KONGSBERG in full confidence that it will pay off in the long term”.

“Our operational expenditures will be considerably reduced in comparison to using conventional thrusters, and the same goes for our environmental footprint. This provides us with purpose-built vessels, designed for the future of advanced maritime operations in the offshore wind market.”

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It’s a pleasure for us to know that our high-end products perform such a central role in the contract for this new and innovative player in the offshore wind market,” adds Ottar Ristesund, SVP Sales Propulsion & Engines, Kongsberg Maritime. “We share our objectives to enable safer, more economical and greener operations at sea with both VARD and Norwind Offshore, and it will be rewarding for everyone concerned to put these principles into practice in such a direct and practical way.”

The first of these brand new CSOVs of VARD 4 19 design from VARD is scheduled for delivery in second quarter of 2023. The second vessel is scheduled for delivery in third quarter of 2024.

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