Hyundai Heavy Seals Licensing Deal For MAN’s TCT Turbochargers

MAN Energy Solutions publicly announced it has signed a license agreement with Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI-EMD) for MAN’s new TCT axial-turbocharger series. The agreement, signed in late-December 2021, is due to run for 10 years and is the first turbocharger license agreement MAN Energy Solutions has ever signed with HHI-EMD.

Hyundai Heavy Seals Licensing Deal For MAN's TCT Turbochargers
Image Courtesy: MAN Energy Solutions

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Globally acknowledged as the largest marine two-stroke engine builder in the world, HHI-EMD has been a low-speed licensee of MAN Energy Solutions for years. MAN Energy Solutions reported that the turbocharger license agreement was finalized after thorough and comprehensive negotiations.

“In adding MAN Energy Solutions’ latest axial-turbocharger product for two-stroke engines to our portfolio, this license agreement starts a new chapter in the cooperation between our two companies. We believe that it will strengthen our market position significantly and enable us to fulfill requests from shipowners worldwide,” said C.Y. Lyu, Executive Vice President, HHI-EMD.

Head of Sales & License Turbochargers, MAN Energy Solutions, Dr. Daniel Struckmeier said, “This license agreement provides a mutual basis for HHI-EMD to optimize its offerings within the two-stroke engine segment and for MAN Energy Solutions to showcase the TCT series. Simultaneously, it also highlights the competitiveness of TCT turbochargers and is an important milestone on our path to increasing market share in Korea and, indeed, worldwide.”

MAN-ES launched the TCT turbocharger series in 2019, with the TCT40 at start, and subsequently followed by the TCT30, TCT50 and TCT60 units. Ultimately, the series will comprise six frame-sizes including TCT70 and TCT80 units.

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The newly developed radial compressor and axial turbine are core components of this series. According to MAN, both have been developed with new design features, reinforced by the latest simulation technologies, resulting in a very compact and lightweight turbocharger design. Thanks to its brilliant charging efficiencies, wide compressor maps and ample matching options, TCT turbochargers can easily be coupled with engines. Their variability covers not only a wide range of engine-tuning options and fuel types, but also all new requirements of today’s exhaust-gas after-treatment systems for IMO Tier III operations.

As far as two-stroke engines are concerned, TCT-series turbochargers are suitable for engines ranging from 5.5 MW up to 24 MW per turbocharger. Typical applications include prime movers for container vessels, large bulk carriers and even tankers.

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