Ever Given’s Cousin Ship, Ever Forward Runs Aground In U.S. Harbor

Ever Forward, a 11,850 TEU Evergreen Marine-owned container ship, ran aground at Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay, near Washington DC at around 9 PM (local time) on Sunday, in what seems like a Déjà vu, as it has been nearly a year since the world woke up to the news of another Evergreen Marine-owned container ship, the infamous Ever Given being stuck across the breadth of Egypt’s Suez Canal on 23rd March 2021, chocking the crucial waterway for the next six days.

Courtesy: Evergreen Marine Corp.

The 334-meter long Ever Forward was on its way from the Port of Baltimore to the Norfolk Port in Virginia, at about 13 knots, when the vessel stopped abruptly in the middle of the bay, according to the Hong Kong Flagged vessel’s AIS data. Superimposing the vessel’s track onto a navigational chart further suggests that the vessel may have strayed from the narrow shipping channel.

Courtesy: @NavyStrang / Twitter

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“The ship’s grounding is not preventing other ships from transiting to the Port of Baltimore. Efforts have been underway since last night to try and free the ship and will continue today. The Coast guard is monitoring the situation!” said William P. Doyle, the Executive Director of Maryland Port Administration.

The speed at which the 2020-built vessel was travelling goes on to suggest that refloating the Ever Forward would be far from easy, and would be requiring a lot of pulling power, favorable tide conditions and dredging or fuel removal.

Considering the fact that favorable tide conditions are only coming to the position of the vessel in the end of March, initial attempts to refloat the vessel has failed, while according to AIS, tug activity has been minimal since the grounding, provided that only a few high tides have passed since Ever Forward ran aground.

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Evergreen, in a statement mentioned that the Taiwanese company has arranged for divers for the inspection of the vessel, and check for any damages sustained, while participating in coordinated efforts with relevant authorities to help refloat the vessel as soon as possible. Evergreen further added that an investigation into the cause of the grounding is underway.


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