Dutch Containership Nordica Makes History With Carbon Capture and Storage Installation

Value Maritime, a scrubber manufacturer based in the Netherlands would be installing a CO₂ capture and storage unit on Nordica, a 1,036 TEU boxship.

Dutch Containership Nordica Makes History With Carbon Capture and Storage Installation
Image Via: Visser Shipping

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Owned by Visser Shipping, the vessel would be operated by X-Press Feeders, after the landmark installation is completed next month.

The system, which is to be used to capture and store CO₂, is patented by Value Maritime, and removes CO₂ from the vessel’s exhaust gas. The discharged CO₂ is used to charge the Value Maritime CO₂ battery, which is an onboard storage facility to charge and discharge CO₂. The charged CO₂ battery would then be offloaded in ports, and transported to CO₂ customers, like the agricultural industry.

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This would be the first time when an onboard carbon capture and storage facility is being installed on a vessel in operation, claimed Value Maritime.

Christiaan Nijst, the Co-Founder of Value Maritime said, “Installing the module will not only be beneficial for our clients, but will bring the maritime industry one step closer to targets set by IMO2030 and 2050”

As reported by marinemonks earlier, under a collaborative project between K-Line, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI), and ClassNK, K-line installed the world’s first marine-based CO2 capture plant, ‘CC-Ocean’ on one of it’s bulker, named ‘Corona Utility’, to begin verification testing on a real-life voyage, back in early August.

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