China’s Dalian Port Fighting New Round of Delta Variant Outbreak, Operations Stable

China’s northeast port of Dalian is currently amid a new round of Delta Variant outbreak of COVID-19, which has been caused primarily owing to the cold chain supply.

China's Dalian Port Fighting New Round of Delta Variant Outbreak, Operations Stable

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It all started back in 4th November, when the first infection was reported in the port, in a staff working for a cold storage base located near to the Dalian Port. Since then however, the port authorities have managed to maintain stable operations.

The operations have been temporarily suspended by local import cold supply chain related companies, third parties and individual cold storage food producers and sellers in the biggest cold supply chain import city in China, which handles nearly 70% of the cold supply chain goods which are imported in the country. This however, has failed to affect the operations in the region.

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China has been subjected to COVID outbreaks in the past too. In June, about 70% of China’s Yantian Port was closed, which severely affected the entire supply chain. While in August, China’s biggest port, the Ningbo-Zhoushan Port’s Meishan Island International Container Terminal (MSICT) was closed, owing to a single COVID-19 case in a port worker, while the rest of the port continued working.

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