China – US West Coast Transit To Take More Than Double The Time At 36 Days!

The average transit from Chinese ports to Los Angeles and Long Beach (LA / LB) ports has marked an increase from 16 days in a normal market to 36 days in October 2021, according to Shifl, a leading digital freight forwarding platform. The average transit time was just 19 days on the key transpacific trade route during May this year.

China - US West Coast Transit To Take More Than Double The Time At 36 Days!
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“Usually, a ship from Chinese base ports like Shanghai, Ningbo will take between 16-18 days to arrive and discharge cargo at US West Coast ports. The increase in transit to 36 days, makes it extremely painful for businesses dependent on supply chains,” mentioned Shabsie Levy, Founder, and CEO of Shifl.

As of 16 October, 62 containerships are queued in San Pedro Bay waiting to enter the ports of LA/LB in comparison to 29 vessels at berth in the two ports, according to the Marine Exchange of Southern California. US President Joe Biden also announced a plan last week to get the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach operating 24/7 to minimize the congestion.

Shifl further added that even after the unloading of containers from the vessels, infrastructure boxes were stuck inside the closed areas of the ports due to a lack of adequate landside.

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“With 40% of US inbound containers moving through Los Angeles and Long Beach ports, efforts by the administration is rightfully focused on a critical node of the global supply chain. The fact that the President of the world’s largest economy is getting involved in addressing this problem is already a huge relief for importers who have been struggling so much,” added Levy.

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