BREAKING: Pirates Attack Vessel Off Somalia, Reports UKMTO

The United Kingdom Maritime Trade Organization (UKMTO) has reported, that a vessel was attacked by pirates off the coast of Somalia, today, a few hours back.

BREAKING: Pirates Attack Vessel Off Somalia, Reports UKMTO

It is being reported that the vessel, including the crew-members on-board the ship are safe and sound, with no reports of injuries or deaths.

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As reported by the UKTO to Reuters, the incident occurred about 100 nautical miles north-east from the Somalian capital Mogadishu.

“Despite the piracy attempt, the ship and all those on-board are safe” stated UKMTO.

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The act of piracy and armed robbery of vessels rose by nearly 20%, during the first half of 2021 internationally, despite an overall decrease in maritime traffic owing to COVID-19, as reported by the United Nations.

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